Design/Build & Design/Assist

MDA Engineering specializes in offering Design/Build engineering services, in addition to our other engineering and consulting service lines.

Design/Build is an approached to construction where the design and construction of the project is led by a single entity, such as an architect or engineer. This can result in significant cost savings, and helps eliminate lead time and overlapping schedules resulting in projects that are typically less expensive and faster to completion. We have served as design engineer on several projects, and work hand in hand with architects, contractors and construction teams to get your building completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this type of project, the different engineers of record are typically employed by the subcontractors for their particular services, a role which we have fulfilled on several occasions.

Design/Assist is a similar delivery method for construction, except that the Engineers of record are hired directly by the project architect, and serve as hired consultants for the project’s lead designer. This creates a more collaborative structure that can help speed up design, while also improving communication between the architect, the engineers and the subcontractors.

MDA engineering has completed several projects as both the engineer of record, as well as a consulting engineer assisting the architect or general contractor with project development and completion. If you are currently considering a design/build project, or would like to know how MDA engineering can help your design and build team with project completion, contact us today.