Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Services

MDA Engineering has 42 years’ experience providing professional, cost-effective electrical engineering services in Toledo and around the world. Our electrical engineers are committed to consistent quality, delivering innovative engineering solutions to fit your needs.

Electrical Design Experience

● Receiving Substations up to 138KV
● Medium & Low Voltage Distribution
● Prime and Standby Power
● Power Factor & Harmonic Correction
● NFPA 70E Arc Flash Studies
● Short Circuit Studies
● Time Overcurrent Coordination Device Studies
● Load Flow Analysis
● Power System Monitoring
● Low and High Resistance Grounding Systems
● Campus Power Distribution Systems
● Photovoltaic/Alternate Energy Systems

Fire Protection Design Services

● Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
● Dry Agent Specialty Protection
● Storage and Pump Houses
● Smoke Removal

Lighting Design Services

● Photometric Studies Utilizing AGi32 Rendering Software
● Outdoor, Roadway & Façade Lighting
● Outdoor & Indoor Sports Lighting
● Exhibit & Retail Specialty Applications
● Lighting Control Systems
● Day Lighting Control Systems
● Energy Code Compliance

Low Voltage Design Services

● Fire Alarm/Life Safety
● Mass Notification
● Cabling and Managed Connectivity for Voice and Data Systems
● Security/Access Control
● Video Surveillance
● Sound, Music and Paging
● Master Clock

For more information about MDA Engineering, our electrical engineering services, or past projects we’ve worked on as mechanical engineers, take a look at our project history, or contact us directly.