Sustainable Design Projects

The greenest building is the one already built.
― Carl Elefante, Director of Sustainable Design at Quinn Evans Architects

Commitment to Green Initiatives

Since 1976 MDA Engineering has prided itself on providing consistent and quality building designs for our clients in Northwest Ohio, the US and beyond. We believe in delivering solutions for our projects informed by current best practices for building design and construction, including Sustainability and Building Information Modeling (BIM). We have long been committed to incorporating system approaches in line with the US Green Building Council of LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. That’s why we always look for ways to go green while accommodating each client’s economic interests.

Adaptive Reuse: Sustainable Design

More often than not, the most cost-effective design option is the greenest. Adaptive reuse is a sustainable design approach that involves rehabilitating an existing building to meet different needs than originally intended—in other words, adapting an old structure to fit a modern purpose.

Adaptive reuse affords some attractive advantages. Utilizing existing structures rather than demolishing them can reduce or eliminate certain project expenses like land acquisition, building materials and costs for demolition and establishment, to name a few. Repurposing buildings also helps conserve land and reduce urban sprawl for more sustainable, environmentally conscious commercial and residential development. And sometimes it can involve preservation of historical structures, highlighting the cultural and aesthetic heritage of the surrounding community by maintaining distinct designs and building materials no longer in use.

Sustainable Design Project History

MDA Engineering is honored to have worked on several key commercial and residential projects utilizing revitalization and adaptive reuse design. These projects demonstrate our commitment to sustainable, LEED certified building designs that meet the custom needs of each client, while remaining affordable and preserving the vibrant character of existing structures.


MDA - ASHRAE II Report for MAS