Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Services

MDA Engineering has 42 years’ experience providing professional, cost-effective mechanical engineering services in Toledo and around the world. Our mechanical engineers are committed to consistent quality, delivering innovative engineering solutions to fit your needs.

Mechanical Engineering Services

● Commercial, Institutional & Health Care HVAC
● Industrial Plant and Process Heating and Ventilation
● Custom Air houses
● Dust, Smoke & Oil Mist Collection
● Fume Scrubbers
● Industrial Plant & Spot Cooling
● Heat Recovery
● Precise Air Flow, Temperature and Humidity Control for Industrial Process

Central Mechanical Plant and Piping Services

● Chilled & Process Cooling Water
● Alternative Energy Source/Optimization
● Steam Boiler
● Compressed Air
● Hot Water Heating
● Building, Site and Campus Distribution Piping
● Computerized System Modeling
● Laboratory & Medical Gas
● Steam & Condensate
● Feed Water Systems
● Building & Process Cooling Hydronics
● Petroleum & Industrial Process
● Compressed Air
● Welding Gas
● High Pressure Nitrogen Gas
● Cryogenic Nitrogen Gas
● Raw Material Handling

Plumbing Design Services

● Domestic, Sanitary and Storm Water
● Water Filtration
● Swimming and Therapy Pools
● Fuel Gas Storage and Piping
● R.O. & D.I. Water Systems
● Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Fire Protection Design Services

● Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
● Dry Agent Specialty Protection
● Storage and Pump Houses
● Smoke Removal

For more information about MDA Engineering, our mechanical engineering services, or past projects we’ve worked on as mechanical engineers, take a look at our project history, or contact us directly.